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intelligent steel gas tank
1., 1.2mm thick galvanized steel plate, surface epoxy resin electrostatic spraying, to prevent acid and rust prevention effect;
2. set explosion-proof glass window on the door, safe and easy to observe category management;
3. the side of the cabinet is equipped with pass holes to ensure the air flow inside the cabinet;
4., the internal use of fixed chain, to prevent the dumping of gas cylinders;
5. the bottom of the cabinet is provided with an adjustable pedal, which is convenient for loading and unloading the gas bottle cart and saves labor;
6. standard fission combustible gas detector, most flammable gases can be identified;
7., equipped with sound and light alarm device, when the sensor in the cabinet detects the gas leak, it will automatically trigger the red light flashing and alarm roar;
8 when the detected gas leakage, cabinet automatic alarm; automatic work at the top of the cabinet body to speed up the fan, air flow, concentration, transfer time for the rescue; otherwise 9 outside the exhaust pipe models available, through the field of central exhaust gas will leak through the exhaust pipe from outside, keep working area people safety;
10., the core components of gas detectors with explosion-proof qualification, to ensure safety, explosion-proof signs: exdii ct6 (flameproof), protection level: ip65.

sysbel  two bottle shaped steel intelligent gas tank parameters


(gallon / liter)



outline size

(height * width *

 depth /cm)

packing size

(height * width * 

depth /cm)

texture of



gross weight




/ double door 190x120x45 204x127.3x56.7


steel sheet

air intake 


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