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1., using 8mm white pp (polypropylene) plate, after welding with the same color welding rod, with strong acid, alkali and corrosion resistance of excellent characteristics;
2., the cabinet body adopts an integral molding technology, which strengthens the structural stability of the cabinet body, and effectively reduces the deformation caused by the expansion and contraction of the cabinet body;
3. the inner sides of the cabinet body are provided with a vertical edge, and the vertical edge is integrally welded and formed, and the whole design of the board is movable type, and can be optionally taken out and arranged in a proper interlayer, so that each layer space can be freely assembled. plate can be placed both positive and negative, around the vertical edge to obtain a certain degree of anti overflow effect;
4. the center of the cabinet is provided with a simple drawer, and the design of the human body is applied to form a temporary operating table;
5., built-in door handle design, opening labor-saving, convenient operation;
6., the unique design of hidden hinge, industrialization design, so that the appearance of the cabinet more integrity;
7., the upper and lower cabinets can be independently stored, sub regional management, effective use of storage space;
8. each storage space is provided with ventilation holes independently, and the ventilation pipe and exhaust system can be connected externally;
9. bottom drain tank 15cm depth, in line with australia strong corrosive chemicals storage cabinets standard as 3780;
10., set up "double double lock" management unit, can facilitate safe management of strong acid base chemicals.

safe storage cabinets (48gal/181l) parameters for strong corrosive chemicals

volume (gallon / liter)

cabinet doors and types

outline size
(height * width * depth /cm)

packing size
(height * width * depth /cm)

adjustable standard
plywood (block)

weight (kg)


gross weight(kgs.)



four door / double open








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