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super absorbant  environmentally safe   green super absorbant                              

jesery absorbent characteristics

1,a wide range of absorption,can absorb most of the oil chemicals, blood, resin,and even corrosive chemicals

2,absorption speed, 90 seconds can be completely absorbed most of the oil or organic solvent, and after absorption will

not seep.

3,absorber can absorb oil contamination with 8-12 times of its own weight and prevent oil and gas 

volatilization, maintain the health and safety of the work environment.

4,absorber only absorb the oil,does not absorb water,the oil contamination on the surface of 

the water absorbed by jesery absorbent could be clean up through the use of normal tool.

5,jesery absorbent could save the amount of adsorbent, with the strong adsorption function.

6,with low hardness and without the corrosivity,the surface and connection joint of the precise instrument will not be worn.

7,jesery absorbent, itself has been passed the test of epa toxic dissolution test (tclp) by environment bureau, which does not contain toxic substances. the absorption oil can be generally 

regarded as a general industrial waste incineration, which could be landfilled or incinerated.

8,be biodegradable, jesery absorbent containing humic acid, which could activate the ecomposition of  micro-organisms, so jesery absorbent could also be used for soil fertility, regarded as very good  

environmental protection products. after the use of jesery absorbent, it can be buried, and the 

 natural function of the complex will help the oil decomposition, will not cause pollution

9.after jesery absorbent finished the oil absorbent chemicals, it also can effectively prevent the 

resurgence of the chemicals.          

caution:   jesery  absorbent  is non-soluble in water

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