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1. one injection molding, through 100% leakage test;

2. selection of excellent corrosion resistance of polyethylene material;

3. can be placed on the table as an operating platform to prevent the process of chemical pollution test table;

4. can be placed in a standard safety cabinet, as a corrosive chemical containing secondary containers, can be placed and transported in bulk;

5. can be placed in the experimental bench under the cabinet, can increase the total leakage to protect the bottom of the test bed, easy to clean up;

6. grille plate set on the hole can be placed temporarily test tube, do test tube rack to prevent misuse caused by damage to the glass equipment;

7. any side can be spliced, the formation of a combination of platform to expand the application area and the total amount of leakage to protect the table;

8. remove the grid plate, the tray can be directly used for batch transfer of test products, multi-purpose, widely used;

9. conforms to the us environmental protection agency (epa) epa 40 cfr 264.175 and the us national pollution abatement system (npdes).


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laboratory tray




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