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  a 95-gallon leak emergency treatment bucket can hold the most common 55-gallon drums, which contain a range of hazardous substances including acids, corrosive and damaged substances. 95 gallon leak emergency treatment bucket is often used for fire chemical leakage accident emergency rescue, very commonly used.

       95 gallon leak emergency treatment tank sealed, no leakage, safety. the cover rotates down to lock the barrel and the lid.
1, you can use standard processing equipment such as forklift
2, vacant can be set, save storage space
3, you can use the car to move
4, you can easily put down 55 gallons of drums
√ optional pulley chassis to increase the mobility of the emergency response package;
√ handling long-distance oil or chemical leakage is more convenient;
√ it is recommended to carry only emergency bucket equipped with a leak contingency suit;
√ universal casters make the movement more flexible, the configuration of the side brake caster can always fixed position;

  product information

product name
top cover
height(cm) weight(kg) bearer
leakage volume

standards compliant

95 gallon leak emergency bucket

external: 79
inside: 73

external: 65
inside: 63

external: 104
inside: 97



95 gallons / 360 liters

un 1h2/x113/s, 
dot 49 cfr 173.3(c),
epa, spcc, npdes

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