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product features:
◆ polyethylene material, suitable for 2-inch metal drums big mouth;
◆ particularly suitable for no more than 40% concentration of sulfuric acid corrosion of dispensing viscous liquids, such as adhesives, paints, heavy 2000ssu (about 30w oil);
◆ durable thread without damage.
large diameter plastic faucet
polyethylene material, suitable for low-corrosive and non-flammable liquids
big mouth plastic drums tap / faucet corrosive liquids
1) usage: to achieve the faucet on and off by rotating the handle
2) material: polyethylene, odorless, non-toxic, low temperature performance, corrosion resistant to most acid-base and solvent
3) lockable: hang lock, lockable, to prevent misuse, but the faucet itself does not contain a padlock, padlocks sold separately
4) seal: threaded not damaged, no leakage; containing epdm (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) o-ring; tube and rotate the handle in close contact, non-drip
5) deflated nut at the pipe level display can be connected, but the faucet itself unworthy level display tube
6) application: corrosion of corrosive liquid does not exceed 40% of the concentration of sulfuric acid, a highly viscous liquid
1, it is not suitable for dispensing oxidizing acids such as: sulfuric acid, nitric acid; epdm seals less stable in the case of aliphatic and aromatic solvents genus (such as gasoline, benzene, etc.), and mineral oil. polyethylene which is compatible with the chemical liquid, can not list them all, the actual use, please use the samples to try experiments, used after confirmation;
2, due to iron differences according to different standards gb, american standard, european standard, japanese standard and other production, it is not necessarily exactly match the thread with all the leading 2-inch bung thread. if after polyethylene are leaking faucet screw on the occurrence or not tight enough, it can make use of the raw material with further sealing.

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