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cheap leak-proof all plastic drums trailers, special for drums, barrels of chemical raw materials and storage barrels splash and leak handling. plant splash and overflow drain in a vertical dispensing and distributing applications often occur, cheap trailers drums provides two measures to prevent attempts to prevent.
the drums have a leak proof trailer, transporting oil drums, chemical storage barrels, buckets or waste spill response clean up the entire machine to the factory were dispensing and distribution will no longer be a problem.
drums trailer capable of carrying 55-gallon barrel of all chemical storage barrels and some small. when a leak occurs, all liquids will flow into oil drums car wells (42 liters sheng leakage volume), drain hole with a plug, which can be effortlessly poured sewage, waste water and other liquids, do not pollute site environment, and easy to clean.
wheels of high strength and weight capacity (225 kg), durable, flexible movement. it will not substantially damage the wheels.
t-handle is fitting, additional flexibility and mobility. high strength, with the close, safe, durable.
leak-proof barrel trailer is made of 100% polyethylene, double wall design and corrosion.
this trailer is the economy drums drums handling and dispensing solutions.

product information

product name product number external dimensions (cm) internal dimensions (cm) weight (kg)
bearing weight (kg) sheng leakage volume standards compliant
cheap leak-proof drums trailer 5205-ye 78*22 69*14 10.5 227 11加仑/42升 epa, spcc, npdes
cheap leak-proof handle drums trailer 5206-ye 93*25   2      

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