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laboratory sheng drain tray

laboratory leak proof tray-九游会登录网址

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product features:

1. in one injection molding, through the 100% sheng leak test;

2., selection of corrosion-resistant polyethylene material;

3. can be placed on the table as an operation platform to prevent chemical pollution in the operation of the experimental table;

4., can be placed in the standard safety cabinet, as corrosive chemicals in the two containers, can be placed in bulk and transshipment;

5., it can be placed inside the cabinet under the experimental platform, which can increase the total amount of leakage and protect the bottom of the test table for easy cleaning;

6. the circular holes arranged on the grille plate can be temporarily placed with the test tube to be used as a test tube rack to prevent damage to the glass equipment caused by misoperation;

7 either side can be spliced to form a combination of platform, expand the application area and the amount of leakage, protect the table;

8. remove the grille plate, the tray can be directly used for batch transfer test products, multi-purpose, widely used;

9. meets the united states environmental protection agency (epa), epa 40, cfr 264.175, and the united states national pollution abatement emissions system (npdes).

product name

product model


outline size(cm)

laboratory tray




color: white tray, black grille, table length: 49 cm, table width: 36 cm, tray height: 10 cm, gross weight: 2.5kg
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