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pvc booms | oil spill water fence


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emergency oil spill, to prevent oil spill and transfer oil spill important equipment, widely used in open sea, harbor, wharf, river offshore oil platform and ship rescue and other spill waters.
◆ inflatable rubber boom bar with two high-strength fiber cloth for the skeleton, coated with high-quality synthetic rubber, oil, wear, resistance to seawater corrosion, resistance to ultraviolet aging.
◆ specially designed valve, inflatable fast and fast, good airtight performance.
◆ between the air chamber with a flexible support bar, to ensure that the water around the bar, underwater height, with a good nature, to prevent the more waves, spills occur.
◆ oil boom in a completely symmetrical way of operation, both sides can be around the oil, easy to use.
◆ oil boom surface smooth and smooth, easy to clean.
◆ tension tension with heavy chain in the oil boom "concave" stagnant oil can guarantee an effective draft, and because the fence and the chain of different elongation, tension with heavy chain to prevent the fence damage barrier.
◆ supporting hydraulic power station, filling the suction machine, with the brake hydraulic drive winding frame fixed in the container, the container before and after the door, easy to operate. you can also configure the cleaning machine and other accessories according to the user's requirements.
◆ can be selected luminous mark or oil boom main rubber oil boom color, easy to identify.
◆ can choose to have the characteristics of flame retardant rubber boom, for high fire rating occasions.
◆ according to user needs, supporting the oil boom trailer, tow rope, the department of anchors and other ancillary facilities.
inflatable rubber boom is an important equipment for tying oil spills and preventing oil spill. especially for emergency treatment of oil spills. can be widely used in rivers, harbors, offshore oil drilling platform, ship rescue and rescue.
1. light weight, high degree of mechanization, easy to deploy recycling. emergency response capability, deployment of rapid recovery.
2. by wave, lodging resistance, oil-poor performance.
3. easy handling, storage of small size, easy to clean, complete supporting facilities.
4. unique design, selection of high strength, no erosion canvas for the skeleton material, in the harshest environment for long-term continuous work.
inflatable rubber boom can be equipped with hydraulic or manual winch for the storage of oil bar storage, laying, recycling to facilitate each winch can take up 200 meters inflatable rubber boom bar.
and integrated with the hydraulic winch, the container is equipped with standard forklift holes and hoisting holes and so on.
multi-function hydraulic power station:
can be hydraulic winch, oil and other hydraulic equipment to provide hydraulic power. power station by the electric start of the air-cooled diesel engine or motor to provide power, safe and reliable hydraulic operation. the power station can be located on a trolley or on a frame with a forklift hole.
charging machine for the layout of the oil boom when the inflatable and recovery of the oil boom when the suction, power to provide a diesel engine and motor two.

according to the need, can provide all kinds of toolbox, buoy, trailer, anchor anchor, anchor, anchor rope, anchor chain, washing machine,
model plgw800 plgw1000 plgw1100 plgw1200 plgw1400 plgw2000 plgw2600
total height(mm) 800 1000 1100 1200 1400 2000 2600
freeboard(mm) 280 360 360 400 500 600 810
draft(mm) 370 430 560 590 700 1100 1400
each section length(m) 100/200
rally with heavy chain(mm) ¢12 ¢14 ¢14 ¢16 ¢16 ¢18 ¢22
air chamber diameter(mm) 260 320 370 425 480 550 610
air chamber length(mm) 3000
chamber volume(l) 160 240 280 320 420 580 1100
number of chambers(个/200m) 60
lattice tensile strength(kn) 320 400 440 480 560 1000 1300
allow working tension(kn) 110 140 150 170 190 260 280
maximum wave height(m) 2 2 2 2.5 3 3.5 3.5
maximum wind speed(m/s) 15 15 18 20 20 25 25
maximum anti - flow rate(kn) 2~3 3 3 3~4 3~4 3~4 3~4
maximum diameter towing speed(kn) 8
maximum curvature of the tow(kn) 3
float ratio 7.1 8.1 9 8.4 9.9 11 15.3
the weight of the oil boom(kg/m) 7.2 9.4 9.9 12.1 13.2 16.5 22.2
operating temperature(℃) -30~ 60
storage temperature(℃) -30~ 70
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