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oil spill dispersant (oil remover)
product manual
jdf-2 oil spill dispersant (commonly known as oil remover), used in marine, oil extraction, oil transport in the oil spill, reduce oil pollution to the sea. this product is based on nonionic surfactants, made with a special process of homogeneous, is a highly efficient, biodegradable water-based oil spill dispersant, is now the international attention of the second generation of oil spill dispersant product.
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jdf-2 oil spill dispersant is a high-tech environmental protection product approved by the state authority, has been included in the "shanghai port oil pollution emergency plan", as the port and the ship in the event of an oil spill emergency, rapid and effective control and reduce the possible one of the major contingencies of pollution damage and the threat of safety hazards. this product is effective in simplifying the oil pollution treatment process.
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firefighting personnel fully affirmed jdf-2 oil spill dispersant can eliminate fire hazards, to avoid the occurrence of fire.
jdf-2 oil spill dispersant technical indicators
item gb18188-2000 jdf-2 test results
ignition> 70 ℃ /
viscosity (30 ℃) <50mm / s 15mm / 5
emulsification rate 10mln / 30s> 20% /> 60% 24.8% / 67.28%
biodegradability bod / cod> 30% 49.5%
fish acute toxicity (3000ppm half caused by time)> 24h 45h
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scope of application:
· jdf-2 oil dispersant is highly adaptable to different oils and is suitable for a variety of hydrocarbon products (such as heavy oil, light oil, lubricating oil, diesel oil, mixed oil, etc.). this product is used for different oil spill site environment, such as the occurrence of oil clearance in open water; in the loading or refuting, large tanks or oil spill oil spill accident; salvage works to control the spread of oil. also as a ship oil tank, cabin, bulkhead, tubing, guardrail and other heavy oil masonry cleaning purposes.
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use tools:
when the oil spill oil spill dispersant, the timely adjustment of the spray rate and the speed of movement of the vehicle, so that emulsification and dispersion.
spray should start from the limelight, down to the wind; the first spray to the oil film, and gradually to the middle of the oil film.
· make full use of wind and waves, the first wave, propeller or drainage and other stirring effect; can also use water dragon water or towing mixing device on the spray site to stir the water.
• the beach shore preempts oil spill dispersant before oil spill arrives to reduce the level of contamination and the amount of cleanup.
· shore walls, rocks, ship's hulls, structures and other oil contaminated areas, should be a small number of spray spilled oil dispersant. after spraying a wetting time, and then rinse with high pressure water gun, grease stains where the use of high pressure hot water washing machine or rinse with washing.
· staff should use rain boots, anti-skid boots and glasses and other protective equipment.
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the general dosage is about 30% of the oil spill, which can be adjusted according to the environmental conditions and the oil type.
· water gun to control the oil fire, in the water preparation of 2-8% oil spill dispersant, can increase the effect of spray fire.
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the large area of the drainage area must be equipped with a special spray gun, connected with the fire pipe, the timely adjustment of the nozzle flow to the best concentration of oil dispersion, but also with small motorized boat to speed up the emulsification dispersion. the other can be based on the specific circumstances of the user with other marine airborne spraying equipment.
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packaging storage:
plastic packaging 25 kg packaging, should be stored dry and ventilated place, and avoid high temperature, to prevent plastic barrel cracking.
· shelf life: 2 years.

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