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high quality double-flammable liquid safety cabinet by the 18 ga (1-mm) steel plate welded structure by point, between the two layers separated by a 38mm good fire insulation layer;
setting the left and right sides of ventilation to reduce the concentration of volatile substances, the prevention of fires;
resin powder coating treatment, surface light, dust, rust and moisture;
systex three interlocks to reduce friction or mechanical sparks and reduce static electricity savings;
security padlock configuration to achieve double double lock management, in line with china's "dangerous chemical safety regulations";
2 "(51mm) deep sheng sink to prevent leakage of liquid spills, sheng drain line with specifications;
unique anti-overflow-type shelves to prevent accidental release of chemicals overflowing shelves can be adjusted according to user needs, increase space utilization, every 6.5cm;
users can choose to install fm approved anti-static devices (single sale), electrostatic charge into the earth, reduce static spark caused fire risk;
continuous piano hinge makes smooth closed doors open;
eye-catching labels can be in low visibility light identification, providing additional security;

emergency equipment cabinet (ppe cabinet) parameters
volume (gallons / liters) door type
(width × height × depth / cm)
internal dimensions
(width × height × depth / cm)
standard adjustable shelves (block)
laminates adjust the number of clips from the first quarter to snap the roof / cm the distance between the snap / cm the last one from the bottom of the tank to snap / cm gross weight (kgs.) yellow model
45/170 double door / manual 165x110x46 159.5×109.7×43.3 3 10 24.7 9 54 69 /


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