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the product is composed of explosion-proof explosion-proof power supply system, refrigeration system, explosion-proof explosion-proof ventilation system, monitoring system, communication system, explosion-proof explosion-proof lighting system, gas fire extinguishing system, exhaust gas purification treatment system, liquid leakage recovery system, storage system, lightning protection and anti-static anti-corrosion grounding system, fire doors and windows system, double insulation system, remote monitoring and alarm system and personal protection system module system composed of 15.
it is the laboratory waste outdoor temporary storage cabinet with the highest safety factor, the best environmental protection effect and the highest intelligence level in the domestic market at present.

basic parameter

to configure

economical allocation of 12.192m*2.438m*2.896m
(can be customized, on-site measurement size)

1. double deck steel plate, 2. fireproof door, 3. fire fighting equipment
4. air exhaust control system 5. lighting system 6. grounding
7. safety mark 8. bottom foot adjustment design

standard type configuration 12.192m*2.438m*2.896m
(can be customized, on-site measurement size)

1. double layer 304 stainless steel 2. fireproof door, 3.voc concentration exceeding standard alarm
4. temperature and humidity alarm 5. fire protection equipment 6. human body security system
7. waste gas treatment system 8. fire protection system 9. waterproof system 10. explosion proof electric device
11. waste liquid / solid waste storage device 12. earthing device 13. lightning protection device
14. safety mark 15. bottom foot adjustment design

intelligent configuration 12.192m*2.438m*2.896m
(can be customized, on-site measurement size)


1. standard type configuration all functions
2., intelligent function (1) laboratory waste disposal process management, when the storage, which group storage, storage of what kind of waste?
(2) the status information is viewed, and the status information in the temporary storage location can be viewed at any time and place
the status information mainly includes the temperature, humidity and gas concentration in the storage system. in the management software terminal, you can use charts to view.
the terminal can be a wechat or pc client.
(3) intelligent alarm, where, what waste liquid, waste liquid inventory, what problems, suggestions, countermeasures and so on.

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