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two bottle type gas bottle cabinet-九游会登录网址

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1., 1.2mm thick galvanized steel plate, surface epoxy resin electrostatic spraying, to prevent acid and rust prevention effect;
2. set explosion-proof glass window on the door, safe and easy to observe category management;
3. the side of the cabinet is equipped with pass holes to ensure the air flow inside the cabinet;
4., the internal use of fixed chain, to prevent the dumping of gas cylinders;
5. the bottom of the cabinet is provided with an adjustable pedal, which is convenient for loading and unloading the gas bottle cart and saves labor;
6. standard fission combustible gas detector, most flammable gases can be identified;
7., equipped with sound and light alarm device, when the sensor in the cabinet detects the gas leak, it will automatically trigger the red light flashing and alarm roar;
8. when the gas leak is detected, the cabinet can automatically alarm by sound and light. at the same time, the top fan automatically works to speed up the air flow inside the cabinet, dilute the concentration, and strive for the rescue transfer time;
9 the outside exhaust pipe models available, through the field of central exhaust gas will leak through the exhaust pipe exhaust, to ensure the safety of working area; the 10 core components of gas detector with explosion-proof qualification, ensure safety, explosion-proof mark: exdii ct6 (explosion-proof), protection grade: ip65.

two bottles of steel intelligent cylinder cabinet parameters


(gallon / liter)



outline size

(height * width *

 depth /cm)

packing size

(height * width * 

depth /cm)

texture of


describe colour

gross weight




/ double door 190x90x45 204x97.3x56.7


steel sheet

air intake 


gray  /
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