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oil and gas leakage emergency trolley set mobile superior, can be very convenient and timely response. (oil and hydrocarbon liquids), general purpose (oil, water and chemical substances) and chemical liquid-absorbent (chemicals, corrosive liquids and hazardous chemicals), which are used for oil-absorbing applications (oil and hydrocarbon liquids) product). strip, flake adsorption cotton by a certain proportion of combination, coupled with super universal adsorbent, and then equipped with the corresponding protective products, so that the sudden leakage of the response more quickly and effectively.
1,1 taiwan high strength acid and alkali control cart
2,50 suction pads
3,5 diameter 7.6 cm, 1.22 m long suction strip
4,1 pack wipes the paper
5,1 cans super adsorbent
6,5 protective garbage bags and tie rope
7,1 double anti-gloves
8,1 only protective glasses
9, 1 "hazardous chemicals emergency rescue guide"
10,1 copies of the installation instructions
11, msds

(oil and hydrocarbon liquids), general-purpose oil (oil and hydrocarbon liquid), oil-based (oil and hydrocarbon) water and general chemical substances) and chemical liquid type (chemicals, corrosive liquids and dangerous chemicals); a number of cleaning paper; a number of anti-chemical gloves; anti-garbage bags and a number of rope; a number of protective glasses; "hazardous chemicals emergency rescue guide"; msds and so on.

through the enterprises, warehouses, laboratories, institutions, and many other years of on-site operation to prove that enpac leakage emergency treatment suit reasonable, optimized with multi-element accessories, the use of extremely convenient, efficient, saving materials, time-saving, pollution.
read the "hazardous chemicals emergency rescue guide" and msds.

due to accidental oil chemical leakage, you can follow these basic guidelines as follows:
1, first of all, quickly out of the package from the combination of protective gloves and protective glasses, wearing;
2, in the leakage of liquid outside, throwing super absorbent, with plastic shovel or other tools, stirring liquid gradually become sticky until the solid;
3, at the same time quickly remove the adsorption strip, followed by oil spills or chemicals will be blocked to prevent further spread of pollution in a large area of the environment;
4, remove the adsorption of cotton, placed on the surface of the oil or chemical liquid surface, relying on the adsorption of cotton tablets of the super-strong adsorption of oil or chemicals for rapid absorption;
5, remove the wipe paper, the adsorption of cotton, adsorption coarse absorption of residual oil after the final full absorption treatment;
6, and finally, remove the garbage bags, all used to absorb cotton, adsorption, viscous liquid or solid and other impurities, together to clean up the garbage bag, tie the bag, put the emergency treatment barrel transshipment, by the professional waste disposal company to deal with. leakage emergency treatment bucket can be reused after handling clean.

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