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leak-proof platform | polyethylene tray platform (barrels type)
leak-proof platform meets the us environmental protection agency (epa) epa 40 cfr 264.175 and spcc regulations and eliminate emissions national system (npdes)

technical parameters:

it can hold two 200l barrel product model sheng leakage volume (gallons / liters) bearing weight(kgs.)
(height × length × width / cm)
forklift operator
2 barrels sheng drain platform sd202
81l 1361kg
130*65*15 cm
na forklift operator
       note: not suitable for forklift operator
  leak prevention and control of great significance!
spill, leak dangerous, safe workplace environment are significant risks. oil spill prevention and control of chemical series to help you keep drums, barrels and other chemical storage areas clean environment, effective prevention and control of possible liquid splashes, spills or leakage of contaminated liquid, more emergency treatment products for your timely solve problems, easy to deal with accidental spills. our anti-leak platform meets the us environmental protection agency (epa) epa 40 cfr 264.175 and spcc norms, and the elimination of the us national emissions system (npdes). it represents not only the quality of our tireless pursuit of product safety, is carrying the "best products certified to the highest standards," the fm approved product quality. we hope that through the most stringent tests sheng drain tray and platform to bring the most reliable protection for your storage security.
chemical spill prevention and control:
1. the use of thicker side of the border and the central load-bearing structure, very strong, can securely carry fully loaded drums, barrels and other chemicals and equipment storage containers
2. the polyethylene material, uv, rust, corrosion, resistant to the vast majority of chemicals
3. orange slip surface rupture does not occur when the grid is full, removable grill, conducive to rapid processing sheng drain liquid
4. conducive to keeping the floor dry, to avoid slip and fall accident
5. conducive to keeping the environment clean and orderly storage of drums, barrels of chemicals and correct leak prevention
6. compliance with the us environmental protection agency (epa) environmental protection act, the use and management of the container on leakage control norms epa 40 cfr 264.175 and spill prevention and control act (spcc) specification, and the elimination of the us national emissions system (npdes)
leak-proof tray for the prevention and handling of chemicals, oil leak has remarkable results, in order to protect employees and the environment. diversity of anti-leakage tray to meet your needs.
regulations summary
epa 40 cfr 264.175 environmental protection act section 264 (owners and operators of hazardous waste standard treatment, storage and disposal of equipment) container use and management of part of the specification regarding leakage control
leak prevention and control system design and application requirements shall be as follows:
(1) leakage control container base must be no cracks or chipping, no infiltration, and is sufficient to contain leaks, spills and accumulated liquid precipitate was collected until it is confirmed and removed;
(2) leakage control container base must be tilted, or prevention of the leak container must be designed with drains to drain away leaks and spills of liquid accumulated sediment, unless it does not hold on the height or liquid leak contact.
(3) leak prevention container must have sufficient capacity to contain, as a reference to the large containers in which the amount required to contain 10% of the maximum volume of the packing containers. if no container containing liquid, do not apply to this calculation method.
spill prevention, control and solutions (spcc) regulations (spcc: spill prevention, control and countermeasures)
what is the spcc regulations? what are the object of its provisions? spcc is spill prevention, control and solve the abbreviation scheme. according to the us "federal water pollution control act" and "clean water act" authority rules, this provision is intended to prevent oil pollution of waterways united states. spcc specification outlines the onshore and offshore facilities owners and operators of the requirements, the provisions of its need to prepare and implement spill prevention, control and plan solutions.
leak prevention product application spcc regulations require the production of the owners and operators of 55 gallons or more containers must perform spcc plan as secondary leakage prevention solutions. each two leak prevention products need to follow:
(1) the total volume of liquid that can accommodate the largest container.
(2) having a sufficient ultrahigh containing sediments.
(1) ultra-high: from the contained spill vertical distance from the lowest point.
(2) shall be leak prevention and control ultra high production tray owners or operators, engineers or decision, and described in spcc plan.
(3) "good engineering practice" that the tray has a protective structure does not need to dress ultra deposits.

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