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equipped for storing oil, solvents, flammable liquids ibc ibc;
by a 3mm hot rolled steel plate, the structure solid and durable;
pallet body epoxy powder paint process, bright surface, dust, rust and moisture;
frp grating with a light weight, high strength, wear resistance, anti-aging properties and remove the cleaning;
sheng drain a large amount of design specifications in accordance with sheng drain, and 100% leak tested sheng;
meet all kinds of forklift handling, can be four into the fork, the operation more convenient;
place a stent sidewall drums (single sale), to reduce leakage losses during transport of oil and other chemicals caused;
center of the tray placed cylindrical cage load dispersion performance more solid;
standard 3/4 "npt (six points) ball valve fitting is installed in the exhaust leak leaking liquid transfer to achieve, easy to operate;
user selectable features dismantle the bottom of the plug completely release sheng drain the liquid and cleaning tray.
leak-proof tray in line with the us environmental protection agency (epa) epa 40 cfr 264.175 and spcc regulations and eliminate emissions national system (npdes)


tray parameters
you can put the number of ibc tons of barrels sheng leakage volume (gallons / liters) loading(kgs/lbs.) weight(kgs)
(height × length × width / cm)
forklift operator model
1 317/1200 2000/4409 - 79x136x130 four-way operation spm112

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