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 q-vac 100 waste liquid cleaning machine uses compressed air as its power source to easily and quickly collect and absorb the liquid, coolant, vacuum oil and damp debris leaked or discharged from the machine and other equipment, making your equipment work in a better environment and easy to use. also can sweep the ground all sorts of moist debris, is the modern enterprise production process excellent liquid cleaning tools.

q-vac 100 waste liquid cleaning machine is highly safe and reliable, compact structure and easy to operate. in addition, high efficiency, completely driven by factory compressed air, no electric motor, no use of electricity, no maintenance, strong suction and very quiet operation. it pumps the leaking liquid or other waste liquid directly into a standard storage tank for storage or recycling. once the tank is filled, the inlet valve automatically closes.

using q-vac 100 waste liquid cleaning machine can greatly save the use of absorbent/oil-absorbent/absorbent/absorbent cotton, and even eliminate the need to use these expensive consumables. clean and environmentally friendly.

other benefits:

1. easy to install with the package supplied

2. install on standard 55-gallon drum with closed lid

3. no filter required

4. all parts are not easily damaged or need to be replaced

5. avoid hand contact with toxic substances

6. no need to use adsorbent to dry the ground

7. the vacuum mechanism has no moving parts and long service life. it's not as inefficient after a period of time as electric vacuum pumps are

8. overflow valve to prevent overloading

9, easy to absorb high viscosity liquid, debris and silt

10, do not use electricity, in the humid area is very safe to use

11. you can fill a 55-gallon (210-liter) bucket in two minutes

components include:

1, 6.5 feet long super soft absorption hose

2. 2 chrome-plated metal pipes

3. 90° barrel connection (fast connection with hose)

4. low-noise vacuum pump

5. waste liquid discharge port

6. floor contact wipe (with rubber block)


1. 55 gallon standard tank

2. economical oil drum trailer (5205-ye)

main applications:

1. it can be used to empty the cutting fluid in the liquid storage tank and the oil in the hydraulic press

2, oil absorption and overflow waste liquid,

3. absorb cutting fluid and impurities, debris and silt on the floor.

4. can absorb dirt on the surface of parts after processing or cleaning.

5. clean tank and sewage,

6. can completely drain the liquid in the tank, etc.

7. clean various solvents and lubricants;

8. paint absorption, gums, pigments, emulsions and fillers.

9, suction mine, tunnel, tunnel, dressing, slag water,

10, for tanker, barge clearance to absorb sewage inside the warehouse

explosion-proof type:

q-vac 100x has all the advantages of q-vac 100, but it is explosion-proof and can recycle some explosive liquids. 100x is designed to eliminate static electricity generated during operation, and the whole equipment unit is grounded.

product parameters

the product name
product number the noise

the best supporting air compressor power

compressed air pressure (minimum/ideal value, bar)

required air flow rate (6 bar pressure)

q-vac waste cleaning machine

q-vac 100 80 db 10 horsepower 2/6 1 cubic meter per minute

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