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oil absorption fence is also called oil absorption line, rail oil rope

the white oil absorption fence is 3 meters long and 6 meters long, with 12.7 centimeters and 20 centimeters in diameter. hook and ring can be used to connect the fence, for large area of oil floating on the water, floating on the water for a long time without sinking, not broken, not deterioration, especially suitable for large area of maritime and industrial applications of leakage.

made of lipophilic material, the inner part is composed of ultra-fine oil-absorbing flocculation and fiber mixture, and the outer part is made of flexible reinforced mesh cloth. through the movable buckle at both ends, it is very convenient to stagger the end and the end to connect, according to the required length, connected successively, can cover a large area.

it can absorb and intercept large areas of oil pollution. it can intercept and treat oil floating on the water surface, prevent oil pollution from coming ashore, and protect the environment better. it can float on the water for several months to absorb oil without deterioration, fracture or sinking.

oil absorption fence is widely used for oil spill on the water surface, oil field leakage prevention, suitable for inland river, lake, port wharf, sewage tank, sewage oil interception and treatment, also can be used for wharf, sedimentation tank, sewage tank, drainage or water intake

oil absorption fence

bh - ol320

20 * 300 ¢

only the oil absorption

article 4 / bag


oil absorption fence

bh - ol312

¢12.7 * 300

only type oil absorption

article 4 / bag


oil absorption fence

bh - ol620

20 * 600 ¢

only the oil absorption

article 2 / bag


oil absorption fence

bh - ol612

¢12.7 * 600

only the oil absorption

article 2 / bag


basic performance and parameters

absorbent cotton is made of melt-blown polypropylene. it has the following characteristics:

1. large adsorption capacity (10 or 25 times dead weight)

2. fast adsorption (in minutes)

3, suspension, suitable for industrial or marine use

4. clean, light and fast

5, reusable, save money

6. no chemical reaction (chemical resistance)

7, safe and environmental protection, no combustion, no rot or mildew

8. only 0.02% of the ashes are left after high temperature incineration. after combustion, 18,000 btu of heat can be released per pound of product

9. the active scheme can fully guarantee the safety of equipment and employees

10. low total cost and high efficiency


storage requirements -- away from moisture, open flame and heater

stability -- stability

automatic ignition point -- 441 degrees celsius

melting point - 149-204 degrees celsius

application field

still, containment, to prevent any possible areas of the oil and chemical spills, including manufacturing, transportation, oil chemical industry, marine emergency rescue, port, energy electricity, environmental protection bureau, fire control, hydropower station, chemical plants, oil fields, oil base and so on any to clear the place of leakage of liquid.

1. industrial manufacturing is used in all locations where liquid spills or oil and chemical storage and distribution may occur, including warehouse areas, around machines and pipelines, near fuel tanks and equipment, under trains and trucks, near valves, workstations, etc.

2, cars, planes and trains factory, plastics factory, plastic factory, mold factory, steel factories, machinery, metal processing plants, oil refineries, oil companies, shipyards, chemical, food processing plants, paper mills, optical fiber factory, cable factory, oil/chemical storage company, refinery, oil depot and environment cleaning company contractor, leakage protection, energy, electric power, fire department

3. maritime oil spill emergency rescue, port terminals, shipping ships, environmental cleaning companies, laboratories, schools, water and electricity departments, municipal water treatment plants, public transportation, car repair, hospitals and other medical institutions, environmental protection bureaus, etc

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