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1. imbicator color-changing oil chemical adsorbent can be used to absorb a wide range of organic liquids including gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, oil, transformer oil, chloride and other organic solvents and organic hazardous chemicals. it is the only industrial polymer-based absorbent to absorb oil chemical substances in the world.

2. the absorbed liquid will go directly into the polymer molecules and will not seep out again. this is different from ordinary absorbent cotton and will not cause secondary pollution. imbicator oil and chemical adsorbent that absorbs oil or chemical liquid, the liquid will not be released again, no matter you press it, squeeze it, dump it, or even split it in two, the liquid will not seep out!

3. after the liquid material is absorbed into the polymer molecules, the imbicator particles begin to expand, increasing the volume by several times (up to 27 times), but the molecular structure remains unchanged. as the organic liquid is inhaled, the particles begin to change color, from white to pink to red.

4. what makes sense is that when you breathe in the water, the color doesn't change at all! which means imbicator oil and chemical adsorbent doesn't absorb water at all!

5. imbicator color-changing adsorbent can effectively reduce the volatilization of toxic gas in the treatment of hazardous chemical leakage accidents, which is a very effective tool for the treatment of hazardous chemical leakage accidents.

6. imbicator color-changing adsorbent can effectively achieve oil-water separation.

7. imbicator color-changing adsorbent can be made into various forms, such as adsorption pad, pillow and blanket, to effectively absorb oil chemical leakage, especially hazardous chemical leakage. it can be widely used for leakage of all kinds of machinery and equipment, running and leaking, emergency treatment of oil on water, especially dangerous chemicals (these adsorbents will float on the water surface, even after the adsorption is saturated, still floating on the water).


产品编号 尺寸 包装数量/箱(瓶) 吸收容积(升,取决于吸收液体的种类)

imbicator color-changing absorbent

ie0077 7 by 7 inch bag 30 0.59-0.85/a

imbicator color-changing absorbent

ie0742 small 7-by-42-inch fence 5 3.5-5.1/a

imbicator color-changing absorbent

ie1421 14 * 21 inches pillow 5 3.5-5.1/a

iimbicator color-changing absorbent

ie2135 21 * 35 inches blanket 2 10.6-15.3/a

imbicator color-changing absorbent


absorbing a mixture of particles and sand

20 pounds of weight


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