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jesery oil-absorbing cotton is also called absorbent cotton, industrial absorbent cotton, sometimes people simply call it oil-absorbing cotton.

according to the characteristics of absorbing substances, it can be divided into jesery oil-absorbing cotton, jesery chemical liquid-absorbing cotton (also known as chemical adsorption cotton) and jesery all-purpose adsorption cotton.

jesery all-purpose absorbent cotton is dehydrated, deoilified and added with surfactant. in addition, other fibers are added on the basis of this, which can absorb oil and absorb water. it can be used in mechanical maintenance, automobile maintenance and oil and water treatment of factory workshop. suitable for oil, water, coolant, solvent, pigment, dye and other unknown liquids. general purpose absorbent cotton is usually grey.

oil-absorbing cotton products are usually in the form of cotton coil, sliver, cotton coil, cotton pillow, can also be customized according to customer requirements of the corresponding specifications.

the first type is cotton sheets. when the leakage area is relatively small, we will use cotton sheets to absorb oil, as long as they are placed directly on the oil surface.

the second type is cotton sliver. when the leakage area is large and the amount of oil is large, this kind of oil-absorbing cotton can be used to minimize the scope and finally achieve the purpose of cleaning all the leaking materials.

the third type is the cotton coil. when leakage occurs inside the building, we can directly spread such products on the floor to clean up the leaking oil.

the fourth type is cotton pillow, which can be used alone or with oil sucker.

basic performance and parameters

jesery absorbent cotton is made of melt-blown polypropylene. it has the following characteristics:

1. large adsorption capacity (10 or 25 times dead weight)

2. fast adsorption (in minutes)

3, suspension, suitable for industrial or marine use

4. clean, light and fast

5, reusable, save money

6. no chemical reaction (chemical resistance)

7, safe and environmental protection, no combustion, no rot or mildew

8. there is only 0.02% left of high-temperature incineration ash, and each pound of product can release 18000btu of heat after combustion. 9

automatic ignition point -- 441 degrees celsius

melting point - 149-204 degrees celsius

application field

still, containment, to prevent any possible areas of the oil and chemical spills, including manufacturing, transportation, oil chemical industry, marine emergency rescue, port, energy electricity, environmental protection bureau, fire control, hydropower station, chemical plants, oil fields, oil base and so on any to clear the place of leakage of liquid.

1. industrial manufacturing is used in all locations where liquid spills or oil and chemical storage and distribution may occur, including warehouse areas, around machines and pipelines, near fuel tanks and equipment, under trains and trucks, near valves, workstations, etc.

2, cars, planes and trains factory, plastics factory, plastic factory, mold factory, steel factories, machinery, metal processing plants, oil refineries, oil companies, shipyards, chemical, food processing plants, paper mills, optical fiber factory, cable factory, oil/chemical storage company, refinery, oil depot and environment cleaning company contractor, leakage protection, fire department, energy power 3, maritime oil spill emergency rescue, ports, shipping vessels, environmental cleaning company, laboratories, schools, water and electricity department, municipal water treatment plants, public transport, auto repair, hospitals and other medical institutions, the environmental protection bureau, etc.

product parameters


the adsorption of cotton piece

40*50cm gray, universal, can absorb water, oil and chemicals 100 pieces, carton packaging adsorption: 50/70l/box


40*50cm gray, universal, can absorb water, oil and chemicals 100 pieces, carton packaging adsorption: 100/140l/carton


adsorption lap

40*5000cm gray, general type, can absorb water, oil and general chemicals, with tear line at intervals of 50cm, adsorption capacity in carton: 100/140l/carton


80*5000cm gray, general type, can absorb water, oil and general chemicals, there is a tear line at a interval of 50cm, adsorption capacity of carton: 200/220l/box


adsorption of sliver

¢7.6*120cm grey, universal, can absorb water, oil and chemicals 10 strips/carton adsorption: 50/70l/carton


¢7.6*240cm grey, universal, can absorb water, oil and chemicals 10 strips/carton adsorption capacity: 100/140l/carton


the adsorption of cotton pillow

20*25cm gray, universal type, can absorb water, oil and general chemicals 20 / box adsorption capacity: 106*130l/ box


40*50cm gray, general type, can absorb water, oil and general chemicals 10 / box adsorption capacity: 106-130l/box


adsorption of fence

¢20*300 all-purpose 4 strips/bag adsorption: 212/260l/bag


¢12.7*300cm universal 4 strips/bag adsorption: 120-156l/bag


¢20*600cm universal 2 pieces/bag adsorption capacity: 212-260l/bag


¢12.7*600cm universal 2 strips/bag adsorption: 120-156l/bag

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