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  jesery oil absorbent

product features:
jesery absorbent with its extraordinary powerful oil absorption function, can absorb oil and similar substances in a few seconds. it can be used like ordinary household waste without special treatment. whether used on water, land or road, it is guaranteed to help you solve all oil leakage problems.
jesery absorbents have been certified in three types: type i: for large areas of water (and running water), type ii: for land and small areas of water, and type iii: for special purposes, especially commercial and industrial.
jesery absorbent can absorb three times its own volume of oil or similar substances without any trace. because of its insoluble water characteristics, it can be used for oil spill rescue work. compared with other ordinary mineral or chemical oil absorbent, jesery absorbent can be used with ordinary household waste disposal. jesery absorber can be used not only for oil and oil spills, but also for gasoline, diesel, synthetic lubricants, mineral oils, dyes, paints and blood. the anti-skid test value only produced a 4% change after use, thus ensuring sufficient anti-skid effect, especially in the wet condition of the road rescue work. (the authorized value is 20%)
jesery absorbent is easy to operate and requires no special training. the absorbent is applied directly to the contaminated surface and then cleaned or sucked up from the surface (with special instruments as appropriate in large areas of water). airports, ports, refinery, oil companies, gas stations, car repair shop, chemical plant, pigment plant, fire, police, technical aid association, the red cross, the navy, army and coast fire brigade, agroforestry, industry, car industry, the station, parking building, shipping companies, transport companies, logistics and transport companies, highway rescue repair factory, municipal building materials field, cleaning company and renovation company, landfill, area of water resources, craftsmen and private use!
ii. product advantages
compared with ordinary oil-absorbing cotton products, jesery absorbent has the following characteristics:
1, natural, non-toxic, stable quality of industrial oil absorption agent.
2. fast absorption speed, can completely absorb most oil or organic solvent within 90 seconds, and will not leak out after absorption.
3, high absorption rate, can absorb 8-12 times the weight of oil and gas volatilization, maintain the health and safety of the operating environment.
4. only absorb oil but not absorb water. after the oil on the water surface is absorbed by jesery absorbent, it can be cleaned with ordinary tools.
5, anti-reburning, effectively prevent the absorption of oil and chemical products reburning.
6. the powerful adsorption function of jesery absorbent saves the amount of adsorbent, so that the total weight of waste will not be greatly increased due to the use of large amounts of adsorbent; nor will the cost of subsequent waste disposal be much higher.
7, low hardness, no abrasion, will not wear precision instrument surface or machine joints.
8, itself can be through the epa toxic dissolution test (tclp) inspection, no toxic substances. after absorbing the oil, it can be considered as general business waste for burial or incineration.
9. degradable, jesery absorbent contains humic acid, which will activate the decomposition of microorganisms, so jesery absorbent can also be used for soil regeneration, which is an excellent environmental protection product. the jesery absorbent can be buried by itself after use, and its natural regeneration function will help the oil decompose without causing pollution.
iii. application fields
1. oil pollution treatment
jesery absorbent is put into contaminated soil, which immediately encapsulates and absorbs hydrocarbons. jesery absorbent can also quickly absorb oil from industrial or asphalt floors without depositing onto the overburden of the surface. (deal with oil spills and spills of contaminated products in ports, oil fields, large chemical enterprises, and deal with oil spills around machinery in engineering and factory production areas)
2. sewage treatment
jesery absorbent is hydrophobic and can be used on water contaminated by leakage accidents. it does not absorb water, does not sink, and can absorb oil and free hydrocarbons (i.e. carbohydrates) on the water surface. the aging time is up to 50 days. can also be used to absorb sewage compounds, heavy metal filtration.
3. land restoration
jesery absorbent is a natural organic catalyst, which degrades hydrocarbons in collaboration with microorganisms in the air and soil to achieve the effect of soil repair.

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