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  the oil and chemical spill emergency treatment kit is mainly used for oil and chemical spill cleaning
still, containment, to prevent any possible areas of the oil and chemical spills, including manufacturing, transportation, oil chemical industry, marine emergency rescue, port, energy electricity, environmental protection bureau, fire control, hydropower station, chemical plants, oil fields, oil base and so on any to clear the place of leakage of liquid.
especially suitable for marine oil spill emergency rescue, ports, shipping ships, environmental cleaning companies, laboratories, schools, water and electricity departments, municipal water treatment plants, public transport, car repair, hospitals and other medical institutions, environmental protection bureaus and so on
leakage emergency treatment kits all contain different amounts of accessories: several ensorb highly effective adsorbents; strips and sheets of absorbent cotton are combined in a certain proportion, which are divided into oil-absorbing special type (oil and hydrocarbon liquid), general-purpose type (oil, water and general chemical substances) and chemical absorbent type (chemicals, corrosive liquid and dangerous chemicals); some wiping paper; several pairs of anti-chemical gloves; chemical - resistant garbage bags and tie a number of rope; several protective glasses; a guide for emergency rescue of hazardous chemicals; msds etc.
due to accidental oil chemical leakage, the following basic guidelines can be followed:
1. firstly, take out the matching anti-chemical gloves and protective glasses from the combination suit and put them on;
2. sprinkle ensorb super absorbent on the periphery of the leaking liquid, and use a plastic shovel or other tools to gradually thicken the liquid until it becomes solid;
3. at the same time, quickly remove the adsorption strips and connect them successively to block oil leakage or chemicals, so as to prevent further diffusion and pollution of large areas of environment;
4. take out the absorbent cotton sheet and place it on the surrounded oil surface or chemical liquid surface, and quickly absorb the oil or chemical by the super absorbent cotton sheet;
5. take out the wipe paper, and conduct the final complete absorption treatment of the residual oil after the crude absorption treatment of the adsorption cotton sheet and adsorption strip;
6. finally, take out the anti-chemical garbage bag, clean up all the absorbent cotton sheets, absorbent strips, sticky liquid or solid and other impurities into the anti-chemical garbage bag, tie the mouth of the bag, transfer it to the leakage emergency disposal bucket and send it to the professional waste disposal company for disposal. the spill emergency bucket can be reused after the treatment has been cleaned.
depending on the amount of leakage and the type of liquid leaked, we have different sizes and different adsorption accessories composed of packages.

the product name
product number maximum leakage capacity conform to the standard contents

kit203 universal
kit202 chemical kit201 oil absorbent

20 gallons /76 liters

epa, spcc, npdes

see this website

kit303 universal
kit302 chemical kit301 oil absorbent

30gallons/120 liters epa, spcc, npdes see this website

kit653 universal
kit652 chemical kit651 oil absorbent

65gallons/255 liters epa, spcc, npdes see this website

kit953 universal
kit952 chemical kit951 oil absorbent

95gallons/360 liters epa, spcc, npdes see this website

kit503 universal
kit502 chemical kit501 oil absorbent

50gallons/189 liters epa, spcc, npdes see this website

kit993 universal
kit992 chemical kit991 oil absorbent

95gallons/360 liters epa, spcc, npdes see this website


5gallons/19 liters epa, spcc, npdes see this website


8gallons/30 liters epa,spcc,npdec    
see this website
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