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cylinder truck


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compared to common metal gas cylinder carts, the carts full plastic cylinders more powerful, better handling, better balance, is the ideal tool for industrial sites. move onto the next cylinder is very easy, very effort in motion. when stopped, the cylinder can be used as place holder and use, no dumping of fear.

compared with the metal cylinder trolleys, carts full plastic bottle without friction sparks, the body in any harsh weather, will not corrode, does not produce noise.

dual cylinder carts can put two gas cylinders, diameter from 8 cm up to 31 cm, you can put the most common cylinders and acetylene cylinders. lightweight, durable, effortless. even more critical is, dual cylinder carts are not sparking! very poor security for transport of gas! 42 cm pneumatic wheels to ensure operability in any ground, sports best. 92 cm long built debris disk can contain all kinds of tools, valves, and a flashlight.

single cylinder carts as durable, but the volume is half of the double cylinder trolley. place the cylinder diameter from 8 cm to 31 cm, can be placed one of the most common cylinders and acetylene cylinders. all road wheels are high performance single cylinder carts rubber wheels, low noise, suitable for any road to walk, and durable.


product name product number size(cm) weight(kg) bearing weight(kg)

dual cylinder trolley (pneumatic wheel)

7302-bk 94*60*114 28 227
single cylinder trolley (plastic wheel) 7301-bk 60*58*117 14 113
all road single cylinder trolley (high performance rubber wheel) 7301-bk-a 60*58*117



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