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oil chemical adsorbent


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1, with the type of oil color imbicator chemical adsorbent can adsorb wide absorption range of organic liquids including gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, transformer oil, chlorine and other organic solvents, organic hazardous chemicals, is the world's only industrialized chemical adsorption absorb oil absorbent polymer-based substance.
2, the liquid absorbed directly into the polymer molecules inside, no longer bleeding, which is different from ordinary cotton adsorption, will not cause secondary pollution. imbicator oil chemical sorbents to absorb oil or chemical liquid, the liquid will not be released, whether you press it, squeeze it, throw it, or even split it into two halves, the liquid will not bleed!
3, the liquid substance is absorbed into the polymer molecule inside, imbicator particles began to swell, the volume increases several times (up to 27 times), but the molecular structure unchanged. with the inhalation of organic liquids, the particles began to change color, to red from white to pink, at a glance.
4, meaning that after inhalation of water, a fundamental change color! that imbicator oil chemical adsorbent simply does not absorb water!
5, imbicator discoloration adsorbent dangerous chemical spills process, can effectively reduce evaporation of toxic gases, it is a good tool very effective dangerous chemical spills process.
6, imbicator color adsorbent to effectively implement the oil-water separator.
7, imbicator color type adsorbent can be made into a variety of forms: adsorption pad, pillow adsorption, absorption blankets, to effectively absorb all the oil leaking chemical spills particularly dangerous chemicals. can be widely used in various machinery and equipment leaks, leaking, water oil especially dangerous chemical spill response (these sorbents will float on the water, even after adsorption saturation, still floating on the water).


product name
product number size packing / box (bottle) absorption volume (liters, depending on the kind of the liquid absorbing)

imbicator color type absorber

ie0077 7 * 7 inches bags 30 0.59-0.85 / month

iimbicator color type absorber

ie0742 7 * 42-inch mini fence 5 3.5-5.1/ month

imbicator color type absorber

ie1421 14 * 21 inches pillow 5 3.5-5.1/ month

imbicator color type absorber

ie2135 blanket 21 * 35 inches 2 10.6-15.3/ month

imbicator color type absorber


absorbing particles and sand mixture

net weight 20 lbs

36-51 / bottle

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