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  q-vac 100 waste cleaning machine with compressed air as a power source, using a vacuum all easily and quickly collect and sucked from the liquid, coolant, oil and vacuum wet debris machinery and other equipment leaks or discharges, etc., so that your device to work in a better environment and easy to use. also clean the floor of a wide variety of wet debris, it is a modern enterprise production process excellent liquid cleaning tool.
q-vac 100 waste cleaning machine highly reliable, compact and easy to operate. in addition, high efficiency, compressed air driven entirely by the factory, no electric motor, do not use electricity, maintenance-free, strong suction up and running at the same time very quiet. liquids or other waste will be pumped directly into the leak of a standard storage bins to store or recycle. once the bucket is filled with storage, intake valve immediately shut down automatically.
use q-vac 100 waste cleaning machine, can greatly reduce the adsorption cotton / oil-absorbing cotton / absorbent cotton / absorbent cotton was used, no longer even need to use these expensive consumables. clean and green.
other benefits are:
1, there are supply packages, easy to install
2, is mounted on a standard 55 gallons drums, the lid closed
3, no filter
4, all the parts are not easily damaged or needs to be replaced
5, to avoid hand contact with toxic substances
6, without the use of sorbent drying ground
7, vacuum devices with no moving parts, long service life. not as in use for some time as reducing electric pump efficiency
8, to prevent excessive loading of the anti-overflow valve
9, easy to pick up high-viscosity liquids, debris and silt
10, no electricity, in a wet area is very safe
11,2 minutes can be filled with 55 gallons (210 liters) drums
member comprising:
1,6.5-foot-long super soft absorbent hose
2, two chrome-plated metal tube
3,90 ° barrel connector (quick connect hose)
4, low-noise pump
5, waste water discharge port
6, floor-contact rubbing (a rubber block)
1,55 gallon standard liquid storage barrels
2, leak-proof drums cheap trailers (5205-ye)
main application:
1, can be used to empty the reservoir pool of cutting fluid, hydraulic oil in
2, oil spill and waste,
3, suction cutting fluids and impurities, debris and mud on the floor,
4, can suck the dirt on the surface of the part after processing or cleaning,
5, cleaning tank and gutter,
6, the liquid can be drained completely within tongcao like,
7, cleaning solvents and lubricants,
8, oil paints, gums, pigments, fillers and various emulsions,
9, shaft, tunnel, tunnels, mineral, slag in the water,
10, for the tanker, barge warehouse clearance absorb water
explosion-proof models:
q-vac 100x has all the advantages of q-vac 100, but it is explosion-proof, it can recover some of the explosive liquid. eliminate static electricity generated during operation, the entire equipment unit do ground handling 100x design.


product name
product number noise

best supporting air compressor power

compressed air pressure (min / ideal, bar)

air flow (6bar pressure) required

q-vac waste cleaning machine

q-vac 100 80 db 10 hp 2/6 1 m3 / min

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