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drum funnel


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anti-dispensing funnel spilled liquid dispensing, injecting operation to provide a convenient and safe splash filling tool. polyethylene material, never rust and corrosion, for a variety of steel drums and plastic barrels.

dispensing products include universal spill splash dispensing funnel and a matching cap, universal security dispensing funnel small funnel and a matching lid pails and lids and the like.
universal anti-spill funnel suitable for any closed or opening 55 gallon drum 30 gallon drums and other containers. these anti-spill funnel put up, very convenient to use.
universal anti-spill dispensing funnel for closed and open-ended formula 55 gallons drums and other containers. unique features include scallop shape patented design, high sidewall design and bung holder. high sidewall design effectively prevent splashing and chemical spills can occur when dumping.
safe flammable liquid spill splash dispensing funnel with universal spill splash funnel dispensing liquid dispensing and injecting convenient, safe, splash and all the advantages, plus a catch flame, non-sparking brass flame arrester and safety plug. very suitable for flammable liquids and other dangerous goods dispensing and injection. polyethylene material, never rust and corrosion. high sidewall design effectively prevent splashing and chemical spills can occur when dumping.

product name
product number external diameter (cm) internal diameter (cm) external height (cm) height internal (cm) weight (kg) standards compliant
universal anti-spill dispensing funnel 3004-ye 66


13 10 1.4 epa, spcc, npdes
universal anti-spill dispensing hopper cover 3040-ye 66 56 14 10 2.3  
universal flammable liquids safe dispensing funnel 3004-ye-sf 66 56 14 10 3.6 epa, spcc, npdes

small pail dispensing anti-overflow funnel



22 7 6 1.4 epa, spcc, npdes

small pail funnel lid

3051-ye 23.5   6   1  

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