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frame drums


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you can buy the most effective small double barrel drums rack!
small double barrel drums frame drums including small double-stacked rack and barrel double barrel small flat frame drums are two types of drums are placed horizontally.
small double barrel drums stacked sheng drain rack by the bracket base and laminate composition, particularly suitable for storing and dispensing small chemical barrels, built-in anti-splash and spill. each layer can be placed two or more smaller 5-6.5 gallon metal drums and plastic barrels. sheng drain base has two types: fixed (6001-ye) and with a handle and wheels moveable type (6011-ye-m). with wheels and handle sports system, you can easily move within the plant, safe and convenient.
stack bracket can be used independently, the above can be a flat keg; also with two barrels sheng drain platform (5117-ye) supporting the use, composed of multi-stack.
spills collection techniques can really easily remove spatter, unlike other products, spatter card in it, it is not easy to remove.
small double barrel drums helps save rack spatter loss, help the plant floor are clean to ensure the safety of personnel.

product name

product number



bearing weight(kg) volume

standards compliant

base 6010-ye 79*74*38 11 91 8 gallons / 30 liters epa 40 cfr 264.175
spcc, npdes

motion base unit

6011-ye-m 79*74*39 14.5 91 8 gallons / 30 liters epa 40 cfr 264.175
spcc, npdes
stack bracket 6012-ye 80*50*46 6 45    

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