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accidental bucket contains the appropriate spill response materials, into said sucking special (oil and liquid hydrocarbons), universal (oil, water and chemicals) and chemical aspiration type (chemicals, corrosive liquids and hazardous chemicals products). strip, sheet by a certain percentage adsorption cotton combination, plus the super-versatile ensorb adsorbent, and then with the corresponding protection products, so deal with it more quickly and efficiently sudden leak.
1,1 20 gallons a barrel spill response
only 2,20 absorbent pad
3,1 7.6 cm in diameter, 3.05-meter-long strip adsorption
4,6 7.6 cm in diameter, 1.22-meter-long strip adsorption
5,1 package wipes
6,1 1 gallon tank ensorb adsorbent
7,2 chemical warfare garbage bags and belay
8,1 bis chemical gloves
9,1 only protective glasses
the 10,1 "dangerous chemicals emergency rescue guide"
11,1 parts installation instructions
12, msds

accidental package contains varying amounts of accessories (except economy): ensorb efficient adsorbent several; strip, sheet adsorption cotton by a certain percentage composition, into said sucking special (oil and liquid hydrocarbons), universal ( oil, water and general chemical substances) and chemical aspiration type (chemicals, corrosive liquids and hazardous chemicals); several clean paper; chemical gloves several deputy; anti-chemical warfare garbage bags and belay several; a plurality of protective glasses ; "dangerous chemicals emergency rescue guide" one; msds and the like.

by businesses, warehouses, laboratories, institutions, etc. for many years numerous on-site operation, reasonable proof spill response package, optimization with multi-element accessories later, extremely easy to use, efficient, material saving, saving time, labor, and no secondary pollution .

usually read "hazardous chemicals emergency response guide" and msds.

due to unexpected chemical spills of oil, you can press the following basic guidelines as follows:
1, first of all, quickly removed supporting chemical gloves and protective glasses from a combination of suits, wear;
2, in the peripheral leakage of the liquid, tossed ensorb super absorbent, with a plastic spatula or other tools, stirring until thick liquid becoming solid;
3, but quickly removed adsorption strip, in turn connected to the oil spills or chemicals around the block to live, to prevent the further spread of wide-area environmental pollution;
4. remove the adsorption cotton sheet, placed on oil or chemical liquid surface enclosed, super suction force to rely on adsorption on a piece of cotton oil or chemicals rapid absorption;
5, remove the wipes, cotton sheet adsorption, absorption adsorption article crude oil processing residues for final processing completely absorbed;
6. finally, remove the anti-chemical garbage bags, all cotton sheets used adsorption, absorption strips, viscous liquids or solids and other impurities, chemical warfare together to clean up the garbage bag, tied the bag, into the leakage contingency barrel transporter walking by professional waste disposal companies to handle. accidental bucket can be cleaned after processing, re-use.

product name
product number sheng drain maximum volume standards compliant contents
20 gallons leak handling bucket set
kit203 universal
kit201 only oil type

20 gallons / 76 liters

epa, spcc, npdes

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