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prevention systems cost $ 1 billion, is intended to bp oil spill after restoring the public trust [financial new network] (integrated media reports) the world's four largest oil companies exxon mobil (exxon mobil co.), chevron ( chevroncorp.), royal dutch shell (royal dutch shell plc) and conocophillips (conocophillips) july 21 announced that it would raise $ 1 billion to build a deep-sea oil spill emergency response energy system.
april 20 british petroleum (bp) in the gulf of mexico more than macondo oil well (macondowell) deepwater rig explosion and destroyed, killing 11 workers dead, most serious oil spill in us history. after a series of failed nearly three months, bp successfully installed a week ago before the new oil cap blocked oil spill, which had amounted to 60,000 barrels per day oil spill. conocophillips spokesman cathycram said, after "we have witnessed the development of events in the gulf of mexico think that we should have a better emergency system, all companies are actively thinking, so a few weeks ago we came together coincides . "
oil companies are hoping to avoid a thorough investigation by the establishment of emergency systems offshore drilling law. hudson securities co. energy analyst matthew? than bo (matthewbeeby) that the us government and the people are enraged bp oil spill, and the industry is clearly in order to regain their trust, in addition, potential unemployment moratorium on offshore oil drilling industry for six months due also very concerned about.
four oil companies say, underwater leak-proof equipment and water leakage collection vessel similar to that used with the bp macondo oil spill blocking devices can collect and control the depth of 10,000 feet below sea level of up to 10 million barrels per day leak oil. the difference is that, bp is in the system after the accident hastily set up to respond to disasters, and the new equipment will be pre-assembled, tested and built to prevent the occurrence of emergency situations. in addition, the four companies will jointly establish a company called "attempts to prevent offshore oil company" (marinewell containmentco.) the non-profit company for the operation and maintenance of the system equipment. they said it would in a statement by the exxonmobil-led immediately start working, expected to be completed within a year and a half.
other oil companies are also expected to be invited to participate in the project, once completed bp plugging and rehabilitation work will also join.
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