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today is 2020-8-22, welcome to the web anhui jesery industrial equipment co., ltd. website:

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company profile

jesery (jie surui) specializes in oil safe storage of chemicals, oil and chemical spill response clean-up, research and development of anti-leak hazardous chemicals, laboratory storage and security product development, production and sales. customers can make a safe and efficient oil chemicals leak-proof and spill response clean-up solutions.

our products are: anti-leakage tray, oil, cotton, oil spill clean-up components, laboratory chemicals pallets, industrial safety cabinets, industrial garbage bags, fixed cylinder and handling equipment.

jesery (jie surui) product quality and service has been recognized by china, europe, america, middle east, southeast asia and other foreign customers. in the company's strong sales network and improve after-sales service assistance, jesery (jie surui) products have been sold worldwide.

our aim: to our profession, to bring you security.





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